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We have a wide range of Klasses that we promise you will find a Klass that you love! We have a $26 Unlimited Intro Week so you can try out all of the Klasses you would like to find your schedule. Our goal here is for everyone to feel empowered and to leave with more confidence than you walked in with. Our Klass studio is a bright studio with a large window and an urban vibe. 


Our Dance Klasses will get you out of your head and into your body while our instructors take your through original and creative choreography. Our dance styles include We have beginner level Klasses for students starting from scratch who just want to have fun while learning something new. Our intermediate/advanced levels are for students who want to be pushed, trained by professionals, and grow into their own unique styles. All of our Klasses are drop-ins so you will learn or re-learn new choreography every Klass. Get ready to feel empowered when we cheer each other on in our judgement-free space!



Our Fitness Klasses are all created for all levels, but push you to your limits. You choose your pace and you pick your own weights. All of our Klasses focus on something different whether it be a certain muscle group or a certain workout style. Our Fitness Klasses incorporate weights, medicine balls, benches, kettlebells, EZ bars, bosu balls, exercise balls, TRX bands, sliders, and more. In the colder months, we have infrared heaters to warm you up and get that light sauna-sweat feel during your Fitness Klass. You will feel the energy and inspiration from everyone in Klass as our Klass Krew is known for making working out feel like a party. We love the music pumping through our veins with everyone singing along and cheering for each other as we get our sweat on. 


Our instructors are here to give you the best of the best.

Click on their photos to learn more about them!

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