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Welcome To The Klass Krew!

Klass is a judgement-free boutique studio and gym to dance, sweat, and train. We welcome all adults to our Dance Klasses, Group Fitness Klasses, Personal Training, and Small Group Weight Training. Our community is an empowering, positive, and welcoming environment where we focus on becoming 1% better every day.

How We Started

As a professional dancer, Klass Owner Ashley Rollins, would look for drop-in dance classes, but not much was available in Minneapolis. She went out to LA and found the vibe that she was looking for and knew that she wanted to implement that back here in Minnesota.

Once she began, she started with a heels class because there were none offered anywhere in the area, and then expanded to hip-hop and other dance styles as more people began to take classes. She teamed up with her best friend and dynamite personal trainer/fitness instructor, Demi, to add fitness classes, and from there it began to take off. This was the beginning of a dance and fitness company. She then was given the opportunity for more space, so she decided to open up personal training for those who want more 1:1 attention. She originally intended for it this to be a small side hustle, but it took off to become what it is today and we couldn't be happier. In September of 2022, Demi Augustine became co-owner with Ashley to continue growing. 

March of 2024 Krista took over Klass from Ashley & Demi. Krista has been an instructor since 2019 at Klass. She started teaching Contemporary and now Krista teaches all dance and fitness Klasses and personal trains through Klass. She is so passionate about the Klass Krew and is very excited to continue the Klass Legacy!

The Klass mission is to create a dance and fitness community here we can sweat together, empower each other to feel good, laugh and have fun together, and provide a space for people to truly belong to.



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